Your First Visit



Your First Visit

Preparing in advance for your first visit will enable you to concentrate on the evaluation and the insights Dr. Templeton will be sharing. Our office staff will create a patient profile of your personal health history with the information you send pre-appointment. This helps facilitate a smooth and successful first visit. Please follow our checklist below and contact us with any questions.

First Visit FormsDownload Adobe PDF Document

First Visit Checklist

  1. Insurance card and Picture identification
  2. Films that have been taken and the corresponding report
    If you do not have the actual films for Dr. Templeton to evaluate, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. Your actual films can be requested and obtained at the facility where they were originally taken. You must request these personally. A CD of the film sometimes cannot be used, the actual films are the best if available
  3. Pathology results if applicable
    If a biopsy has already been done, please make sure to bring the pathology report
  4. A referral or authorization from your primary care physician to see a specialist
    Please review your insurance requirements concerning this topic. It is your responsibility to obtain the referral before you come to your office visit. Contact your insurance company directly to verify whether or not you require a referral. If you do not have this referral when you arrive, then our office will be required to reschedule your appointment

  5. Complete the First Visit Forms and bring them with you to your visit and feel free to bring a friend or family member along
  6. Review payment policies
    Payment of all co-pays, estimated co-insurance and deductible amounts are required at your visit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and personal checks